Our Purpose

The Unified Construction Industry Council (UCIC) is a labor-management cooperation committee composed of 14 affiliated skill-craft trade unions which, collectively, are the Southern Nevada Building Trades Unions, and the local chapters of the Western Wall & Ceiling Contractors Association, National Electrical Contractors Association, Glazing Contractors Association of Southern Nevada, and the Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. Taken together, UCIC represents over 20,000 skilled-trade workers and some 200 contractors, all of which play a vital role in Nevada’s economy. UCIC is dedicated to fostering a safe, highly productive, and sustainable construction industry in Southern Nevada.


Currently, UCIC is identifying critical issues for the construction industry for the Nevada State Legislature. The UCIC is positioning itself to be a viable resource on issues to help legislators make informed decisions that directly affect Nevada’s construction businesses, workers and that will ultimately support and grow our communities and state as a whole.